When doing some virtual roller derby keyword research for an article I came across a new trending keyword “roller champions” and I thought I had better check it out! It turns out, Ubisoft has been developing a new computer game. Not based purely on anyone existing sport but incorporating several sports together. It is sort of a Virtual Roller Derby Have you ever tried to explain what derby is and ended up saying “its rugby on skates!”? Well, that’s what roller champions look like to me?

What is this ball thing?

If you haven’t noticed, roller derby has balls, but no ball! Roller champions…

As the world heads into who knows which wave of you know what, hope is on the horizon. For British and Irish Roller Derby there is some good news for 2021.

The unfortunate news that the British roller derby championships have been cancelled was announced in September on the British Champs website.

But It’s not all doom and Gloom

The good news was that there are new initiatives for returning with a bang, bash, or a smack. This is Because all teams in the United Kingdom and Ireland have been invited to join the new Five nations group. The new group announced by British champs provides an…

Roller Derby News

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